Metal Roofing Basics

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Known for their durability and beauty, metal roofs are a perfect choice for many homeowners, and the variety of styles and colors allow them to resemble other roofs in the neighborhood.  A residential metal roof can look like a shingle, tile or slate roof, an investment that will pay off in its 50-plus-year life span.

Especially desirable in coastal North Carolina’s marine weather conditions, metal roofs resist being lifted off in high winds up to 140 miles per hour.  They also excel at fire and impact resistance.  If the roof does not lift off, homes are not exposed to destructive rain that leads to mold.

While metal roofs are highly durable, not every installer is qualified to install them.  Patriot Roofing is the area’s only Metalpro roofing contractor certified by Union Corrugated Company.  To qualify, Patriot Roofing had to meet tough guidelines for quality of work, customer referrals and finance and supplier relationships.  The distinction means that your roof will be installed by workmen who know their craft and that it will be at a fair price.

Because of their premium nature, metal roofs do cost more to upfront, but they last for 50-plus years compared to only 12 to 20 years for a typical asphalt roof.   Metal roofs require almost no maintenance and if you want to change your home’s look, a quick paint job will usually do the trick. 

Typically, a metal roof is two to three times the cost of an asphalt roof, but a metal roof also may increase the resale value of your home as a buyer will know that it is unlikely they will need to replace it.   Metal roofs let homeowners avoid the disruption of replacing an asphalt roof.  It is the preferred choice of many homeowners for new construction and replacing existing roofs.    Metal roofs  are environmentally friendly as they save on utility bills and are 100 percent recyclable.   About 20 billion pounds of asphalt from roofs are dumped yearly. 

Currently, metal roofs account for 15 percent of installations, according to the industry statistics.  Once reserved for high-end, architecture-designed homes, prices have fallen for common affordability.

They also can be installed over existing asphalt roof, saving the cost of tearing off the old roof.  Insurance discounts and tax credits sometimes are given for metal roofs.

Typically, metal roofs are galvanized steel, tin, aluminum or copper.  Surprisingly , a typical metal roof is 50 percent lighter than a asphalt roof.

A common misconception about metal roofs is they are louder than other roofs when rain hits them, but the sound is actually about the same.  Modern homes have attic installation that muffles the sound.

When you are in need of a high-quality roofer—for storm damage, leaks or repairs, call Patriot Roofing at 910-218-0600.  Patriot Roofing is a female-owned, Wilmington company that has been serving the needs of North Carolina for more than 20 years.  Its services also include installing vinyl siding, windows, guttering and other home improvement services. 

Patriot Roofing stands ready to serve.  It is a member of the Wilmington Chamber of Commerce, the National Roofing Contractors Association, National Women in Roofing, Historic Wilmington Foundation and the Better Business Bureau.


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