Why Fortified?

Fortified RoofingThe FORTIFIED Home Program was introduced by the Insurance Institute for Business Home Safety in 2010 as a voluntary set of home upgrades. Today, FORTIFIED Homes are being built in many of America’s coastal communities, including Wilmington and the Cape Fear region.

Fortified is a program that requires a series of upgrades that gives your home extra protection against severe weather.

Patriot Roofing is your official FORTIFIED building professional. We believe in doing our part to best serve our community by building better resilient homes and roofs. We love this community, and we understand the safety and protection of your family is top priority, especially during a hurricane.

By choosing a FORTIFIED roof you are building strong. We understand how inconvenient and detrimental losing your home can be, however we can help mitigate the problem with zero to minimal loss, which gives you peace of mind and normalcy when severe weather hits.

Fortified RoofingYou may also be eligible for significant discounts on your homeowner’s policy, which is more savings to you.

For more information about FORTIFIED Home program: FORTIFIEDHome.org

To apply for the Home Fortified Grant program: Strengthen Your Coastal Roof Pilot Program