Roof Inspection


You’ve called Patriot Roofing! Hopefully, you noticed the smile in our voice, as your call is the highlight of our day, and we are honored that you picked us! But how does getting a roof repaired or replaced actually work.

Damage Assessment. You noticed the problem. You saw the shingles missing, caught the leak, or found damage after debris was removed from your home after a storm. Carrying out an initial roof inspection on your own allows our team to properly prioritize your needs.

A Suburban House | Roof InspectionMake An Appointment. Next, an appointment with your home’s project manager is tailored to your schedule. Our team will arrive prepared with measurements of your home, and state of the art drone footage to ensure the roof inspection is exhaustive and detailed. The inspection findings will be documented and shared with you.

Staying Connected. It is important, for both ease of mind and expert service, to maintain as much continuity in a project as possible. That said, the project manager you meet at your first appointment will see your repair or replacement through to completion. But don’t get too attached! Almost all of our projects are finished in 1-2 days! With a signed contract, you’ll pay a 50% deposit upon delivery of project materials.

Install & Review. Even though our teams work quickly, we do not compromise quality. We are precisely accurate and thorough, and install the highest caliber product in your home that is designed to last for years to come. You also can expect us to leave your home in pristine condition upon completion.

With decades of experience in roof installation, repair, and maintenance, we have created a seamless, efficient process that will always put your needs first. So please do not hesitate to ask for additional accommodation as needed.

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